17th December 2006:

This time Alistair had us all heading up to a pub in York called ‘The Independent’ for an acoustic, comedy madness Christmas show and it certainly was that!! He was accompanied by Simon Waggot on guitar & keyboards and also Petrice Litvinyenko on guitar .

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Part 1



Track List

Hi Q

Lo Q

Introduction (chat)


The Secrets Inside


In The Arms Of The Angels


Something’s Going On




Love Will Tear Us Apart


James Fox calls (chat)




Alistair realises it was James on phone (chat)



Take Me Home




Last Christmas


Silent Suicide




Part 2



Track List

Hi Q

Lo Q

Introduction (chat)



Ale Or No Ale Part 1 (chat)



Take Me To The Edge




Ale Or No Ale Part 2 (chat)







Talk Tonight


Intro to after Fame Academy Questions song (chat)



After Fame Academy Questions (song)


With Or Without You


Feeling Alive (whole audio, part video)


I Have Lived



Fix You



Bring It On



Whole of Part 2 with `Take Me To The Edge` edited out.


Note: For the time being, Alistairs 4 new songs that he sang have been removed to protect his interests.