Castleton 10/09/05

10th September 2005:

With little more than a last minute hint of a performance, Alis army decamped overnight (literally!!) to Castleton, Alistairs home village in Yorkshire

The event was the Castleton Summer Dance at the end of the 2005 Castleton & Danby Show. Alistair performed 5 songs on the night, with backing from the Colin Holt band.

Please note that due to the unexpected return of Alistair to the stage the recording of Brown Eyed Girl is incomplete. There is also a lot of background chatter, due to the nature of the event

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With Colin Holt Band



Track List

Hi Q

Lo Q

Wherever You Will Go

In The Arms Of The Angels

Wonderful Tonight

Brown Eyed Girl (part)


Is This The Way To Amarillo

Full Performance